Central North BCU weekly update – 24th August 2020

Hello everyone, welcome to another bumper edition of our newsletter.

I currently write to you from the backdrop of the newly refurbished Islington Police Station (well part of it, there is still some work to be done), and I have to commend the implementation team and the building contractors for what they have achieved. The new working space is much improved upon the old, outdated layout and décor and I believe this will boost the team’s morale no end. Having said this, now might me a good opportunity for a timely reminder that Islington Police Station front office will be closed from Wednesday the 2nd September and will move to Holloway Police Station whilst the renovation work continues. Officers will still work from the building during the closure, but there will be no public access points until reception re-opens in November (date to be confirmed).

This week has been another busy one across the BCU and you may have read in the Evening Standard (https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/police-raids-camden-a4533456.html) the great work undertaken by the violence suppression unit along with gangs, neighbourhoods and specialist units – a fine example of cooperative work led by Detective Superintendent Courcha and DCI Jodie Tuff. This piece of work has been aimed at targeting violence and drugs offences perpetrated by organised criminal gangs. Whilst this is an example, of ‘big bang for your buck’ policing, smaller examples of such work are conducted across the BCU and London on a daily basis and teams work tirelessly to protect the public.

This weekend is also worth mention; the first time in 54 years, that Notting Hill Carnival will not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year the carnival will take place online with groups from all around gathering virtually to celebrate, and we at Central North have a special place in the heritage of ‘Carnival’. On the 30th January 1959, a “Caribbean Carnival” was held in St. Pancras Town Hall in response to the ‘Notting Hill race riots’, and arguably this event paved the way for the development of what we know today to be Notting Hill Carnival.

Whilst the traditional celebrations will not be taking place in W11, the MPS anticipates that parties will still take place across London and we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe virtual Carnival, but to also remind people of their obligations in relation to Coronavirus restrictions. We do not want to be party poopers, but we do want to keep people safe (click the hyperlink for more information or check the Government website Gov.UK for what you can and cannot do). We will have extra resources on over the Bank Holiday weekend to make sure everyone has a safe time and to continue the great community work already taking place across the BCU.

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and thank you for your continued support.

Darren Jones

T/Chief Inspector Neighbourhood Policing

Safer Neighbourhoods and Partnerships   

  • Regents Park NPT recently conducted a weapon sweep on an estate in NW1. During the sweep a large kitchen knife was found hidden on top of a shelf running along the wall of the 4th floor which houses pipes and wires. This was found by PC 1425CN Craig Murphy. In another part of the block a bag of green herbal cannabis was also found by PC Murphy.
  • On Gospel Oak and Haverstock wards PC Kam Bhachu identified a suspect for a burglary that was being investigated by DC Tina Baguena from CN CID. DC Baguena further identified a second suspect. PC Bhachu and colleagues carried out an arrest enquiry where both suspects were arrested. Fantastic work from PC Bhachu, who is still in their probation.
  • PC Michael O’Grady our street population engagement officer for Camden. Has been working on Op Limon to tackle issues in the homeless population. He various other officers have made up a Hotspot Team, working with staff from the local authority.

PC O’Grady was approached by a colleague Violence Suppression Unit in April, who was trying to ID a Female Suspect of a Robbery. The Suspect who was believed to be homeless, pushed over an elderly gentleman who had just withdrawn some cash from an ATM and subsequently stole this cash. The Victim sustained minor injuries and thankfully his pride was more hurt than he was physically.

PC O’Grady was unable to ID the suspect at that time and asked some of the CPOs on the Hotspot Team for help. One of the Team was able to and provided a witness statement to this effect.

The Suspect was circulated as being wanted for this offence. Officers witnessed the suspect begging on Kentish Road and identified her as being wanted. She was subsequently arrested. A great example of officers from different strands working alongside our partners to get justice for a victim of crime.

  • PC Kim Bourke, Graham Burke, Shelby Purdy and Hannah-Emily Smith from Bunhill SNT received some intel regarding a male exposing himself outside Moorfields eye hospital. The officers collected images from the witness and took a statement, they conducted further research and linked in with Jigsaw where the suspect was then identified. Bunhill SNT arrested the suspect who has since been released with bail conditions.


  • PC Deborah Spencer has been awarded today by the lighthouse. Due to her regular support and promotion of the lighthouse and also due to the number of children she has referred to the lighthouse ensuring children of Camden and Islington are properly supported. Lisa Isaacson from the lighthouse said the following “ Debbie constantly promotes the use of Lighthouse facilities to her colleagues.  We have had 3 police led ABE’s at The Lighthouse this week one led by Debbie and 2 were recommendations from Debbie. As you know policing is often a thankless task and I think it would be great if something could be done to recognise Debbie and her promotion of the facilities and the service.”

Well done PC Spencer! 


  • PC Beedel and PC Blenkinsop attended a call to a robbery where the suspects had smashed the windows of a vehicle trying to take the drivers watch and car.  The officers identified a blood trail and were advised by CID to get a police dog to attend. The dog was able to follow the trail from the scene to an address. A Suspect was located and arrested on suspicion of robbery.
  • PC LEWIS and PC KOZLOWSKI from ERPT B in ISLINGTON were on proactive patrols in the car parks in N7. Their attention was drawn to two young males, one sitting on a moped and one standing next to him engaged in conversation, officers exited the vehicle and spoke with the males who quickly admitted to police that the moped wasn’t theirs and they had just found it.

Both were searched and one was found with an 8inch kitchen knife (see below) in his jacket pocket and arrested for possession of an offensive weapon. The second male was found in possession of Cannabis and arrested for that. The moped was found to be reported LOS and had been hotwired, so both males were further arrested for the theft. The owner of the moped was contacted and was ecstatic the moped had been found.

  • PC Jonas Davidson has spent the last year working on a voyeurism case. The suspect pled guilty and attracted some interest form the media. Below is a link to an article that was featured in The Sun.



  • Back in January the gangs unit and Op Deep were made aware of an active drugs address whereby the victim had been cuckooed, beaten and had made off.

Police took immediate action and on forcing entry found one Akram ALI at the venue with 327 wraps of class A  217 – Crack cocaine 110 – heroin. He denied matters but eventually pleaded to all. As a result he has been sentenced to 3 years in a Young Offenders Institution and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £181

Hospitals team 

Since the Hospital Engagement Team was established in 2017, the team has worked in partnership with the NHS in Camden and Islington with the aim of reducing crime in the hospitals (including violence and disorder against staff), improving processes (such as dealing with s.136 MHA patients and requesting medical statements) and reducing demand for response officers within hospitals. To date, we have seen a 21% reduction in crime across the NHS on the Borough.

The team have dealt with various high-profile incidents, most of which were sensitive in nature and some that attracted international media interest. This afforded us the opportunity to work with various departments across the MPS such as SOCO, SO6 (Organised Crime), SO15 and SO19, along with our other partner agencies. We also work with a charity every year to bring gifts to children at Christmas. 

In addition, we conduct weapon sweeps within the immediate vicinity of the hospitals and review of intelligence are undertaken to enable us to prepare for any issues within the locality. We respond to any NHS departments that have experienced a spike in crime, or other issues, by increasing police presence, meeting with staff and providing crime prevention advice. We also attend and hold multi-agency events and have regular meetings with staff so that matters relevant to the Police can be discussed.

We are a conduit between the Police and the NHS on the Borough, allowing us to assist officers and detectives with any enquiries they may have with the hospitals, including, but not limited to, obtaining CCTV, organising medical statements or contacting a department or person at the hospital.

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