Fed up with people urinating outside your home?

Camden Council is undertaking a public consultation on the introduction of Public Space Protection orders.

The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Police Art 2014 has provided local authorities with the possibility of introducing a range of new powers. Because of the concerns raised by residents through Camden Safety Views and other engagement forums Camden Council is consulting residents with the aim of bringing in a Public Space Protection Order for public urination. This means accredited Council enforcement officers and the Police will be able to issue people urinating in public with £100 fines.

One of the questions the survey asks is whether the order should be limited to places affected by Camden’s nightlife or if it should cover the whole Borough. The Community Safety Board discussed this and strongly felt these powers should cover the whole of Camden. The feedback from Safety Views shows that urinating in public¬† is a common concern throughout the Borough.

The Safer Neighbourhood Board urges everyone to complete the to show how strongly residents feel. It will only take a few minutes to complete, just click this link: Stop urinating on our streets

The consultation ends on Sunday 27 September – but please do the survey NOW!

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