Camden Town Police Raids

Over 200 police took part in Operation Lighthouse this morning. At 5.45 am Camden’s Proactive Unit, Gangs Unit and other police teams hit 14 different addresses and made 10 arrests in the Camden Town area. This action follows several months of targeting drug dealers and suppliers in Camden Town, specifically along the canal towpath. The police focused on gang members from the so-called TMS (The Money Squad) gang. This group is linked to other criminality, including violence.

The police had already obtained evidence for offences of drugs supply during the build-up to today’s raids. Anything found at the addresses will just add to the charges. Peter Ward from Camden Safety Neighbourhood Board said; ‘It is very frustrating for local residents to see drug dealing and think nothing is being done to stop it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today is the culmination of considerable work by the police. And we have seen violent and dangerous people taken off the streets. It doesn’t stop here – the Safer Neighbourhood Board is keen to see the end of drug dealing in Camden Town, and we will be joining the police tomorrow to show our support for the actions they have taken’.

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